My name is Carolina and I am the founder of Amigo. I am a Spanish teacher and an actor, passionate about sharing my beautiful language and culture with my students. I am originally from northern Spain and I have lived in different countries for the last 10 years so I have also studied English, French, and Russian. During my teaching and learning journey, I realized that the most effective way to learn a language is by experiencing it in a real-world context. Inspired by immersive theatre during my time living in London I decided to use my acting skills to create a unique programme based on experiential learning so you can immerse yourself in Spanish. We run classes in Sydney across all levels – get in touch for more details!


It is proven that the best way to learn a language is by living in the country where the language is spoken because you experience it first hand. That’s why our classes incorporate real-life situations for you to learn Spanish in the most effective way, by experiencing it! Research shows that experiential learning is far more effective than traditional learning.
  • Focus on communication
  • Practical learning
  • Group work
  • Skill –using
  • Learner-centered
  • Focus on grammar
  • Theoretical learning
  • Observation-based work
  • Skill-getting
  • Teacher-centered