Our exciting Spanish classes are based on recreating real-life situations in the classroom. You learn and use the language as if you were in a Spanish speaking country.

Experiential learning entitles a relaxing, fun and stimulating atmosphere and has numerous benefits:

- Acquisition of practical language skills

- Increase of self-confidence using the language

- Higher engagement and motivation to learn

- Higher retention of knowledge

March 12, 2014

Private classes are all about flexibility, working around your schedule. Each lesson is tailored to your level, individual needs and interests to help you achieve your goals faster! You can have a one-to-one lesson or team up with friends, colleagues or family to learn together! Get in touch to confirm availability.
March 11, 2014

Learning about our language and culture within a group is the best way to enjoy the benefits of our experiential learning methodology. A group setting allows you to interact with others and practice the language in a real-life context. Classes are small with just up to 12 students so every student gets the support they need. Our group lessons last for 2 hours and take place once a week. Each level runs for 8 weeks. Get in touch to confirm dates and join the Amigo group!
March 10, 2014

We create customized programmes for your employees to learn Spanish based on the specific skills they require. Using our innovative experiential learning methodology we recreate real-life situations relevant to your organization so they get the practical skills to communicate and build stronger client relationships. Our language training will also contribute to team building ensuring employee engagement and high retention of knowledge. Our teachers have as well relevant experience in Business and Customer Service. Get in touch to let us know about your business!
  •       I had tried to learn Spanish several times but eventually, I always ended up losing motivation. Learning loads of grammar and vocabulary felt pointless since when it came to speaking the language I was not able to communicate.

    Thanks to Amigo now I feel confident speaking Spanish. I love learning the language and culture with real-life situations - it feels like learning in a Spanish speaking country! Natalia Yusenis

  •     Amigo has definitely helped me to feel more confident in my ability to learn Spanish. The teacher has this beautiful quality of being encouraging and patient, even when I don’t feel confident in myself, she helps me to feel more at ease and really takes the time to help me to understand better. Every lesson is engaging, fun and comfortable. If you are looking for Spanish classes – I highly recommend Amigo. I'll be ready to travel to South America in no time! Jenny Ha
  •     I had been searching for a native-speaking, private Spanish teacher for a while because I wanted to live in Spain for a few months. Having learned two other languages previously, and being a high school teacher myself, my expectations were quite high. With Amigo, every lesson is packed with fun and interesting information. Classes progress at the pace I require and I leave each lesson self-motivated to learn more. The teacher is passionate, inspirational and explains concepts very clearly accommodating my particular learning style. I feel very confident in learning with Amigo and highly recommend it to others. Kay Longhurst

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